The Five main deciding Factors in choosing your Business Management Solution

1. Why do I need a “total” business software solution?

Obviously there are numerous reasons why a company might require a sound business management system like BOSS but here are 3 Key top reasons why a growing business will need to change to an integrated software solution as a minimum.

2. What modules does the system come with as standard?

A comprehensive and versatile management solution is equipped with an easy-to-use interface serves as the primary ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application. BOSS software provides all the administrative functions that let you customise and backup data, define currency exchange rates, configure permissions and alerts and access information from Microsoft Office software.

The software utilises either full SQL or SQL Express, although for most end users the ability to utilise SQL Express is a distinct advantage as it comes without the need for large capital investment. Additionally, the software provides eleven separate but integrated functions that extend its’ capabilities far beyond its primary administrative function and enable it to streamline your entire business processes.

Those areas of functionality are: 1) Accounts and Financials; 2) Bank Transactions; 3) Controlling; 4) Sales; 5) Purchasing; 6) Integral Customer Relationship Management; 7) Stock Control; 8) Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP); 9) Reporting; 10) Service Cycle Management; and 11) Employee Profiles.

BOSS, and the stand-alone software, is the only solution built for small and midsize businesses featuring fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) to help you:

3. Can the system be modified to suit my needs?

Yes, BOSS recognises that every company and every industry has different management needs therefore, BOSS and the stand alone software, is built from the ground up. The BOSS software provides the foundation on which you can continue to improve your operations and build your expansions and is wide area network-able straight out the box.

It is important to know that the system can grow with you, ensuring that your investment is protected in the future. The software has user defined fields, enabling the user to add additional custom fields without the need of a “Consultant”. This function provides flexibility and future proofing because, as your business needs change, users can add those changes to the software without having to invest in a new package.

4. What is the reporting like?

Many small and midsize businesses struggle with the complexities of generating accurate and up-to-date financial reports from company data. The reporting capabilities of BOSS and/or the software enables users to create reports and initiate corrective actions immediately afterwards. The stand alone software includes accounting reports, enterprise reports, stock reports, financial reports and reports to aid decision making.

5. Is it easy to use?

Generally small and midsize businesses shy away from management solutions assuming that it’s for bigger companies and hence will be too hard to implement or use. To the contrary, BOSS and the accompanying stand-alone software, has been specifically designed for small and midsize enterprises. As a Windows-based, menu driven system, it is very easy to use even for the non-technical person.

It is important to note that when looking to get a business management system in place you should only get the essential applications first. As your company gets used to the system and you start to see your company grow, you will identify needs for additional applications. We call these add-ons. There are numerous Industry specific vertical add-ons available for the software and new add-ons are being constantly created to meet the needs of our Clients as they develop.

Equally important for Clients investing in a business management solution like this, is to know that they can get support and maintenance when needed. Bizcare prides itself on its excellent customer service provided by well trained and experienced staff. Having a support service is important for new Clients in the initial “go-live” period, but we know the importance of being there for our Clients throughout the year Monday to Friday.


Most communications of this type make business owners wary because it is usually the prelude to spending money. However, through Bizcare you can take advantage of an unrivalled new service to the SME marketplace.

We have been able to secure for our Clients the opportunity of a fully working single user license on the standard stand alone software so that they can use it to run their business without any cost whatsoever.

Unlike the normal 45 day or 60 day trial versions that are often seen in the marketplace, this license will allow our Clients to use the software forever and will include all future upgrades, again totally free of any cost, giving them a real opportunity to take proper ownership.

Additionally, unlike temporary short term trial versions, there is no need to suffer the transition for short term gain only to find that you then have to invest in another license to continue using the software.

However, we recommend that Clients DO take advantage of our front line support service and we will also offer a menu of additional services such as installation, data migration and user training etc. You DO NOT NEED to subscribe to these services but experience tells us that for a small investment your business will reap more of the benefits in a shorter time WITH the service than without.

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