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Totally Integrated Business Solutions

Because... we are UNIQUE by specialising specifically in business systems development and software integration matters concerning business efficiency and effectiveness using our proprietary BOSS tool kit - read more on this in our Products tab.

Our diverse experience, training and relevant qualifications of our individual team members ensures that Bizcare will develop a practical and efficient business solution designed specifically to suit your needs in the shortest possible time frame.

Our "hands on" industrial and service sector experience covers a wide range of sectors; and because we will probably already have significant knowledge of your particular industry, we are able to assess your company needs and develop "top quality" business system solutions more quickly and efficiently. See our track record page.
In order to maintain your business systems once they have been developed and implemented, Bizcare can either provide the transfer of appropriate skills through a wide range of training programmes, or provide system maintenance and support services on your behalf. This will free up your time for you to do what you are good at and leave us to do the overhead burden of improving your systems and efficiency (i.e. more profit!) through audit.

Why not look at our "Process Review" system approach - it will certainly make sense and save you much headache and costs in the short mid and long term.

Bizcare is also listed with various Business Links and is listed as Mentors with the EIF and MFLF schemes both operating under the Business Link Banner.

About Us

Our Primary Goal

Our primary goal is to promote and encourage a long lasting partnership with all our Client’s to help them capitalise on their investment and realise their growth at a much faster pace to what would have been possible otherwise.

Bizcare was established back in April 2003 primarily to help small-to-medium sized businesses become more efficient and effective by having good management systems in place covering all business activities where the lack of such would adversely affect their day to day survival and growth.

Over the years we recognised the need to fill the gap in the provision of affordable business software solutions that covered all aspects of a business, and at the same time realised that with any business software, the software is not the fix, contrary to popular belief, and cannot in itself get “the house in order”.

The answer lies in having all business resources properly integrated with one another.
In order to provide state of the art, “truly integrated” business solutions, Bizcare not only provide the business development and management system implementation services, but now also specialise in the provision of very affordable business software solution.

The combination of these result in robust integrated system solutions for the whole business, THAT REALLY DO WORK - bringing all the software tools and management system procedures together WITH MINIMUM FUSS.

We also get involved in developing business marketing strategies and help Clients set meaningful achievable sales targets and performance measurement criteria to enable them to measure and continually improve their bottom line.

Why Choose Bizcare

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