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Interprise Suite’s ERP Software with Bizcare

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

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Why Interprise?

Why Interprise

Interprise Suite is CRM, Business Intelligence, Accounts, Credit Control, e-Commerce, Fax, Email, Reports, Stock, Order Processing, Trade Counter, Project Costing etc.

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Integrated CRM

Integrated CRM Solutions

Interprise Suite works over the Local Area Network (LAN) or Internet out of the box. It is NOT a browser based application and has a proper Windows user interface

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eCommerce Software Solutions

Interprise Suite is fully amendable and has a plug-in architecture. As a user this means you will not get stuck on an old version after having had amendments

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At last, your business can benefit from an

integrated solution designed to manage

ALL areas of your business .....

at UNBEATABLE value for money.....

The days when you needed 4 or 5 separate

Systems to automate and manage your



and maintain your


have gone

BIZCARE will help you take your business one step further by


- Maximising Efficiency

- Lowering Costs

- Increasing Revenue


all in one seamless solution that matches all



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The Interprise team have received many prestigious awards for their product range and Interprise Suite is fully certified by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and also meets the Inland Revenue Payroll Standard. It is used by thousands of small to medium businesses and start-ups across the UK, in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

A fully integrated solution, Interprise Suite handles business processes from beginning to end, greatly reducing data redundancy and increasing the efficiency throughout the entire organization. Unlike separate systems that require costly integration, Interprise suite includes all of the most commonly used business processes in one easy to use solution.

Interprise Suite's integrated approach not only allows you to upgrade without the fear of breaking separate disparate systems, but significantly reduces ongoing training costs by using the same, intuitive user interface across the modules.

Bring All of Your Departments into One System.

Reduce Inefficiency and Promote Corporate Synergy.

Includes: Accounting, Sales, RMAs, Shipping And Receiving, Inventory, Internet Faxing, Purchasing, e-Mailing, CRM, Payroll and HR, Report Writing And More...


Interprise Suite will give you:

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Bizcare take the frustration out of IT, solving the problems of a business running on a number of different systems by providing one easy to use solution. It is a new, user friendly, totally customisable off-the-shelf SAP type ERP/Financials/CRM/e-Commerce/POS business software system that is priced specifically for the SME market. Utilising state of the art SaaS (Software as a Service) or Cloud based technology, second to none….


From a review of your business via a Diagnostics visit, to the development and implementation of a total business system solution, we provide advice, service and support at every level of your business development.

The Business Software Solution sold by Bizcare has been chosen for its uniqueness in ease of use, integrating Accounting, Contact Management, Order Processing, Logistics Management, Diaries, Tasks, Projects, e-Commerce and Mail-shots into one package.

Everything you need for a small to medium size SME businesses with affordable first class support, delivering simple business solutions to far exceed your expectations.

This software enables us to provide our Clients with a complete business model from the ground up within a much shorter, and therefore more affordable, time frame than ever before. It is fully developed and totally integrated bringing all your business processes together in one easy to use solution.

It is an entirely new business software application written from the ground up to meet the needs of businesses in today's "Connected" world.


Minimum Hardware Specification:

Pentium 4, 1.5Ghz processor and 1GB Ram (2GB preferred).

10GB free space on hard-drive.

Drive should be 7,200rpm - please note Notebooks are usually 5,400rpm.

Minimum Software Specification:

Windows XP Professional; Microsoft Office 2002 or higher.

Pre-Sale Visit:

During our initial visit with your permission we will carry out an initial survey of your current hardware and software to ensure that you have the necessary minimum requirements.

Should you need to upgrade or add memory etc., then Bizcare can either provide these or assist by pointing you in the right direction.

Stage 1. Initial Diagnostics

Bizcare will perform a review of your strategic and planned operational activities to determine the exact scope of your new Business Software elements covering all your key business activities “from lead to ledger”. This will include meetings with you to determine your exact business requirements as well as any future-proofing needs of the proposed Business Software Solution and strategic business needs in terms of ICT (e-Com, Web based). Your existing documentation will be reviewed for inclusion as necessary as well as user access securities and end user training needs.

Stage 2. Installation and Configuration

Once the above diagnostics have been completed Bizcare will (1) install and configure the selected Business Software Solution onto all relevant machines; (2) create the new business software database onto your server or chosen peer to peer desktop machine;

(3) set-up and configure the database as per your agreed configuration settings; (4) migrate all your current Client data (i.e. customer and supplier contacts, products, staff, opening balances, stock levels etc) into your new Business Software Solution; (5) set-up templates and reports as per your existing documents identified during the diagnostic stage; (6) set-up your user accounts and access security levels ready for hand-over sessions with key staff.

It is designed to increase the operating efficiency and profitability of supply chain, distribution, e-Commerce and other product related companies.

Built around advanced Microsoft .NET web service technology and a Visual Basic front end, it combines the ability to work over the Internet, cloud technology, like a browser with the rich user interface and superior performance of a traditional desktop application. The result is a program that gives your organisation the power to operate without boundaries giving remote users and offices the ability to work together as if they are located in the main office.

A complete solution that combines all of the most commonly used business processes in one easy to use solution. This allows information and processes to flow from department to department increasing the efficiency of your entire team.

It is the FIRST Accounting/ERP/CRM application to offer smart Client web service technology - combining the best aspects of a web application (Internet enabled, easy to deploy and update) with the best aspects of a desktop application (speed, rich user interface, easy printing etc.) enabling your organisation to operate in ways never before possible.

As a fully integrated solution, our software is able to handle business processes from beginning to end ("lead to ledger"), greatly reducing data redundancy and increasing the efficiency throughout the entire enterprise. Unlike separate systems that require costly integration, this software suite includes all of the most commonly used business processes in one easy to use solution.

Why not request a FREE single user licence to experience the power of this unique product before you buy!

Stage 3. Commissioning and Hand-Over

Once the above has been completed the Bizcare representative will ensure that all users identified in the agreed training plan are properly trained in those elements of the new systems during hands-on handover sessions with each (or groups if possible).

Following the successful installation and handover, after a suitable period, Bizcare will carry out, free of charge, a thorough post installation review. This will ensure that your Business Software Solution continues to meet all your business operational and strategic needs on an on-going basis.

Although the software comes with PDF Manuals and User Guides, and a Help Manager, no matter how good the software is additional training and support received by end users have a major impact on a product's successful implementation.

Bizcare provide firstline remote support using call logging systems to ensure that all customers receive the best possible support as an end user.

We also provide on-site support and training to help you get the maximum from the system as well as any specific amendments you need, done remotely wherever possible.

Contained within any proposed Bizcare Business Software Solution is the all-important Accounts modules that will enable you to run your business completely (same as SAGE, Quickbooks, Mamut, Pegasus etc).

The Accounts element of the software provides you with the ability to create Sales and Purchase Invoices linked to Activities, open Journals and Ledgers, post entries, reconcile Bank Accounts and prepare periodic Management Accounts, Value Added Tax liabilities and Year End figures including Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account Statements.

Where you are already using an Accounts package, such as Sage, we are more than happy to assist in the migration of all of your current Accounts data.

If you don’t have an Accountant we can provide the day to day Book-Keeping services to help get you established quickly.

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